Saturday, March 20, 2010

A few more filigree fancies :D

...I think the Post Office is conspiring against me :D - as much as I keep saying I need to take time away from my craft and do so many other household things...the Postman keeps delivering packages and tempting me.

I received 4 more packages full of goodies on Friday and of course I could not help myself. Today was a quiet day for me (Saturday) the kids happy to ride their bikes around the farm and hubby more than happy to restore his 1970 Challenger in the garage - so I had the whole day to myself. In between washing clothes and cleaning up around the house, I was able to sit down between jobs and play around with my new supplies (I know, I am really naughty).

I think I need to stop ordering things, then there won't be any more packages arriving in the mail and the temptation will be gone :D

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your artistic outlets too (no matter how guilty that makes us feel at times).

Cheers and hugz, Val xoxo


  1. ~they sing of spring...but if you stop buying and the postman stops delivering then our "temptation" will be gone too...may you find balance in your day to day to continue creating such l♥vely pieces...brightest blessings~

  2. hi Val, thanks for your comment! you should do both, your Pendants are absolutely gorgeous!Patti

  3. Hi Val.

    Gorgeous lockets, especially the red one, but then I do love red :)
    Guess if the postman stops coming your blog will be less dangerous to visit LOL
    Crafting does make you feel guilty sometimes, but what a lovely one...much better than chocolate and much more rewarding.
    Do what makes you feel good and do the housework in between, it won't go away LOL
    Hugs, Sharon

  4. Hi Sharon, so very true - housework will never go away LOL - yes, definitely making stuff is a better obsession than chocolate - I hope your little package arrives soon, no later than Tuesday :D - hugz Val xoxo

    Hi Patti, thanks hon - I just have to find a happy medium and share my time equally between art and jewellery - cheers buddy, Val xoxox

    Hi Faewillow, thank you my newest Blogger Buddy, I so love making things but I just have to find balance, as you said, then I would be happy on all fronts, have a wonderful day, cheers Val xoxo

  5. Hi Val,
    I was wondering if i could pls ask a question?
    How did you get your facebook fan page on here? I cant figure it out.

  6. Hi Gypsy - I hope I remember how I did it.

    OK, go into your main Face Book Page (not the Fan Page), click on "Create a Profile Badge" which is at the bottom of the right column. When you go in there, it will give you options and Fan Page Badge should be on there, click on that, copy the link then come into your Blogger Customize are, click on Add a Gadget and then HTML/Java Script which is thrid party functionality - you paste the link in there.

    Give these steps a try and I hope they work for you, thats how I think I did it months ago. Good luck, cheers Val

  7. Awesome. It worked! Thankyou so much for your help Val.