Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FILIGREE BIRD pendants...

...just a few more 'filigree fancies' which arrived in the mail yesterday - I have been playing around with these cute little birdies all day today - these are just dry enough to take photos of but they will need to cure for another 24 hours :D - hope everyone is well and happy!


  1. ~l♥ve l♥ve l♥ve the little birdies...i adore filigree work and the detailing on these birdies is so a flower or tree vine/branch...your jewelry always makes my eyes light up...beautiful...brightest blessings~

  2. ohhhhhh gorgeous I really love the blue one!!! is it paint or clay that you have in there?

  3. As always - really gorgeous :)
    Come over and get your Sunshine Blog Award :)

  4. Val, all your jewelry is very beautiful. You keep creating such stunning pieces.



  5. Hey Val,
    I just loooovvve the Blue one.
    There is something about blue birds that most people love.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you lovely ladies for stopping by and leaving these wonderful comments - they are each and everyone very much appreciated.

    I have a few different filigree designs ordered - these are large flowers and filigree crosses too - I am on pins and needles awaiting their arrival as I so want to decorate them :D

  7. These are very nice! I can't wait to see the others.

  8. ~morning...there is an award awaiting your arrival on my blog...please feel free to swoop it up if ever you so wish truly are an inspiration with your art...i do l♥ve both yyour jewelry and paintings...just haven't decided which i adore more! may you continue creating such beauty...brightest blessings~