Monday, March 1, 2010

NEWEST creations - still making jewellery :D

...yup, me again with new pieces :D - I am amassing an amazing amount of jewellery in my home - a lot of these are being sold, but I still have a lot at my home - looks like I will be joining the markets around Melbourne (something I have never done before) but I think it will be fun and the markets will keep my weekends busy.

I have had a lot of emails through Blogger as well as Etsy asking me how I make these pendants, what materials I use etc - I am always happy to answer emails and always give as much information as I can but I can't divulge all my secrets can I ;) - I have come up with my own unique technique after many months of hit and misses - I am not sure if I am making these the proper way, if there is such a thing, but I know it works for me. Maybe, in the future, I will make tutorials on these resin pendants - I will say tho that the main ingredient in these pendant is RESIN - it is expensive but it is excellent - it is a two part resin that you mix and the finish is crystal clear and extremely hard, much harder than the Diamond Glaze I have used on some of my tile pendants. Some of my pendants are hand painted using hight quality acrylic paints, others are made by putting colour pigments into resin to get the various shades...

Anyway my lovelies, must run now - heaps to do around the house - chat soon :D


  1. ~i couldn't agree more...of course you can not reveal all your secrets...then where would you be!?! each piece is so l♥vely...i was always fascinated by peacocks when i was little...this piece reflects their beauty perfectly...intricate yet simple...and the other two...hhmmm...i may have to have another visit to your store...what could my excuse be now? the colors you used makes my heart long for spring...beautiful pieces...brightest blessings~

  2. That pecock is beautiful. I have an old iranian broche with a bird, very simular to this one.
    I love it.

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  4. Hi Val,
    Another lovely creation coming out of your studio.
    Hey, that's wonderful-let me know if you're coming to a market near me and I'll surely pop in and visit.
    Ah, I like to share my love of art and how I achieve steps, however I know there are some out there that just want to take your information and run!
    Have a great day.

  5. Wow these are all gorgeous, I just asked you how you did it in your latest post then read this one!! Sounds like all the experimenting was well worth it your work is beautiful and I think you will do so well at the markets. I'm thinking of doing some markets in Canberra when I get back from my big overseas trip. I have so many paintings and pendants I'm running out of room but I don't want to stop making them :o)