Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring into Spring

"Spring into Spring" - SOLD

"Turquoise Butterfly"

...yes, me again, with more jewellery LOL, sorry.

The winner of the locket giveaway has been announced in the previous post -could the winner please email me with address details.

Thanks ladies, cheers Val xoxo


  1. Hi Val,

    Two more beautiful pendants.
    Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway...sorry your name has slipped my mind (embarrassed giggle)
    Just proves if you like something...jump in quick :)
    Hugs, Sharon

  2. ~uhoh...this here butterfly is adorable yet beautiful too...congrats to your giveaway winner...she will be oh so delighted when she receives her piece...i am l♥vin mine! brightest blessings~

  3. Thank you both lovely ladies: Sharon and Faerwillow - wishing you a wonderful week :D

  4. Hey Val, lovely pieces that butterfly is so delicate!

    I was wondering if I could pick your brain? I've just had an issue raised through my etsy shop and just wondered what you do.

    How do you work out your prices with it being in USD? And do you keep an eye on the economy to see how the dollar is doing as that can affect the price? I've had an Aussie buyer who realised it was more in Ausssie dollars than USD. I guess that doesn't happen very often as the USD is usually more than the Aussie.....just wondering what your thoughts are and if you know of a way of changing the currency? Hope that all makes sense, you are my etsy guru so was hoping you could explain how you deal with these things that pop up?

    Thank you xox

  5. LOL Nicola, OK this Etsy Guru says the following:

    The Aussie Dollar is buying about 92cents American right now, so really that is such a small extra amount to pay when Australians buy it - on $20.00 US you are paying about $21.50 Australian so really it is not a hassle for me anyway - if the AU dollar should fall to about 80cents, thats when I would be inclined to change the prices in the shop, otherwise I am not bothering with it.

    There is no way you can change it from US to AU on Etsy - only eBay gives you that function. Perhaps just leave a footnote on all your item descriptions that the amounts are in US dollars, just in case an Aussie misses it.

    Cheers buddy, Val xo

  6. Wow, beautiful. You are a natural beauty jewelry designer! Always a treat visiting your blog.



  7. Thank you Sara and Julie-ann, hugz to you both :D

  8. Your new goods are phantastic.
    I love them.

  9. Good evening Mm Zdero,
    this is a test by Francien's son Serge, Mum has troubles to place a comment, try to fix it,therefore the test.

  10. Thank you Jade and Janine :D

    Hey Francien's son, the test went through - I hope you fix her computer soon as I have missed your mom's comments :D

  11. YES!!! here i am again dear Val...( don't you sigh now and rolling your i don't give up that easely...My son Serge did manage to fix it last night and has "forbidden" me to do anything on the settings without asking right he is...But i was watching you the whole time and looked at the very beautiful creations you have made..just could not comment anymore...what a talent you have to do so many different styles...the creations you have made lately are stunning...there is something for everyone...
    greetings and glad to be "back"♥ Francien.


    I did notice that you were absent from blogger for a bit there but thought you may have gone on holidays or something.

    Great to have you back my buddy ♥ Francien!

    Thank you on the compliments - my head is so full of designs at all times that I don't stick with anything for long, thats my main problem, and soon I will be doing something totally different, LOL but that is just my way.

    I look forward to chatting to you now that your computer is up and running, hugz Val xo

  13. OMG! Your work is sooo pretty!! I just missed the giveaway!

  14. Hi MyVeryButton, thanks so much for the compliment - I love your new butterfly painting, so so so pretty. Sorry you missed the giveaway but I have a new giveaway every 50 new followers :D - glad we are following each other now :D