Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who am I kidding here...myself:)


...a day after writing that I will be taking a break from the jewellery...well wouldn't you know it...3 more packages arrived in the mail - so many lovely little filigree brass pendants that I just couldn't...COULDN'T... help myself!!! I did exercise restraint tho...I made only THREE and put the rest away...

I made these 3 pendants last night and took photos of them this morning...I keep telling myself that I need to do so many things around the home and of course GST work for the last quarter (accounting), but I have so much fun when I immerse myself in my art that the ART always wins over GST work LOL!

No more kidding myself...THIS IS IT I say to myself... let see how long this resolution last for :D


  1. I bet it is just for a day. U fully understand it myself, I find i cannot go more than a day without making something. It feels like a piece of me is missing. I would rather not eat then not play. Have a good day, The sooner you do your GST stuff, the sooner you can get back to crafting.
    Great stuff as always.

  2. Hi Sue - you are so very right - you know exactly how I feel here - I absolutely hate doing the GST work, I always get myself into a real state whenever I have to sit down and do the paperwork but it has to be done - so yes, the sooner I finish it the sooner I will be able to play :D - have a great week buddy!

  3. Wow Val you keep out doing yourself these new pieces are so striking! Absolutely beautiful!! I'm itching to work on a painting that I'm half way through at the moment but it's so frustratin as I've been so busy with other domestic type things, I find myself just staring at the canvas imagining what I'll do next! ah well tomorrow night the Friday night football starts which hubby loves to watch so i'm sure I'll get to finish my painting then!!! :0)

  4. LOL Nicola, I know how you feel - if I have too much on my mind I can't relax enough to create anything - I am currently sleep deprived because after everything is done that needs doing, I am only free to sit and pain and create after 10pm at night - but we all squeeze in the time when we have it - hope your package arrives soon :D

  5. So, so pretty, Val!! Thanks for visiting my blog this morning (well, morning here...). Just to reassure you, I didn't shred my painting, just divided the big one into three smaller paintings. No worries... Hope you are doing well, dear friend! Love, Silke

  6. Pues yo creo que una todas las que no apasiona el este mundillo, nos pasa, yo no puedo dejarlo, estoy enganchada, como tu. Quedaron preciosos.

  7. ~when you are filled with such passions sometimes you just have to roll with it...i know i say it over and over but you keep creating pieces that i l♥ve...the first one is so very sweet...i am anxious to see more of your painting soon...maybe one day...all my best and brightest blessings~

  8. Hi Val,
    Ohhh, what can I say about these beautiful pieces. Exquisite!
    As for the housework, forget it, run with your latest creations while they are hot in the head-the housework will always wait.
    OK, the BAS/GST may be a little more important and you should get stuck into it early while the mind is fresh and running full steam, then you can play.
    Oh, did you want my advice-lol
    Have a good one,

  9. Hello lovely ladies - thank you so much for your lovely comments - love reading them and always smile when I see there are comments to be 'moderated' - I will just have to deal with the important paperwork first - there is no way around it - once that is done I am on the home-straight and will be much happier :D

    Have a wonderful weekend Blogger Buddies :D

  10. PS I have been able to translate Sara's comment and this is what it says:

    "Well I think that all the passion that this scene, we are going on, I can not quit, I'm hooked, like you. They were precious"

    Thank you so much Sara for your lovely comment :D