Saturday, April 17, 2010

Custom Order :D

I just wanted to show you buddies a custom order which I finished yesterday for a lady in the US - these colors were chosen by her and they look so lovely together, with the black background coming through - on the front is a brass/copper phoenix charm :D

I started a new painting a few days ago, an Angel/Saint large painting but have had to stop for a few days so I can get a new perspective on it - I have a feeling I have ruined the painting, but will do my best to salvage it - maybe I am just too critical of my first painting in weeks - will wait and see and once it is done I will post photos here (if I think it is good enough to show).

Must run now, its Sunday morning here and my kids have playdates all day - so must drive them to their friends' houses and then I am spending the rest of the day doing my GST (accounting work) something I want to have done asap so I can get it off my mind :D


  1. Hi Val, the black does look good :)

    I'm sure you haven't ruined the painting...I look forward to seeing it :)

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. gorgeous piece! love the colors!!

  3. Its beautiful!!! Hope your day of GST wasn't too painful. I did mine last week - yuk!

  4. Val, this pendant is gorgeous! I love the dramatic colors. And I am sure your painting will turn out beautifully! I seem to go through stages with my paintings where I love it, then think it's ruined, then love it again, etc. Just keep going with it and make sure to show us!! Love, Silke

  5. Thank you lovely ladies for leaving you great comments her on this post :D - I so so so love reading them.

    Today I spent the day cleaning the house - hard work but well overdue and the house looks great. Now I am walking behind everyone, barking at them if I see a crumb on the floor LOL (my poor family).

    Tomorrow is a day set aside for GST - I want to get it finished in one day and post it off to the accountant and not think about it until the next quarter grrr.

    Cheers and hugs to you all, Val xoxo