Sunday, April 11, 2010

GALLERY visit in Melbourne


Just wanted to let you know how my Gallery visit went on Saturday - it looks like they loved my unique pendants and would like to take a few on consignment but I first need to speak to the Gallery owner (today) and find out what their terms are (eg commissions) - so if I am happy with that information, I will be going back to the Gallery in a few days to take my pendants in :D - once this is all up and running, I will let you guys know the address of the Gallery so if any local Bloggers are in the area, you can stop buy and take a look see :D

My sister-in-laws hens night was on Saturday too, I am still recovering from that LOL and I hope Jade has recovered - but also two girlfriends and I spent the whole of Saturday, shopping, eating, getting pedicures and manicures etc etc etc - it was a great day all around.

OK must go, time to call the Gallery owner and chat to her :D - cheers Val xo


  1. ~how exciting for you...i hope you have only fantastic words to report back with!! best wishes with your phone call...who wouldn't want these in their shop...brightest blessings upon you and yours always~

  2. I am so very very happy for you! Congratulations! onwards and upwards!

  3. I hope so Faerwillow, fingers crossed - I will keep my Blogger Buddies informed :D

  4. Thank Sue, its still not a certainty, but fingers crossed I will have a more concrete answer soon :D

  5. Hi Val,
    That is some exciting news!
    Well done. I hope they don't take too much commision.
    OK, waiting to see if it may be a gallery near me!
    Happy Creating,

  6. Hi Anna, well...I have just had a 'rejection' from my first gallery, the one in the city, but there are 3 more I am waiting to hear from in Daylesford and Ballarat - I won't get my hopes up - less disappointment that way :( - the gallery in the city specializes in glass jewellery so my clay pieces did not fit in with what they sell, which is understandable.

  7. No te desanimes, heno perseverante servicios Que, es estupendo y tu Trabajo original.

  8. Sara's translation Do not be discouraged, hay persevering services, your job is great and original."

    Thank you so much Sara, I won't let this one set back disappoint me :D - I do have a Gallery in Skipton, Victoria, which would love to exhibit my artwork and jewellery and I have just gotten in touch with the owner of the Gallery and am trying to set a date - all is good and I am feeling great - thank you Sara :D