Monday, April 19, 2010

MY BLOG is missing... ME...

photo taken a few minutes ago...

photo taken a year ago...

Hello fellow Bloggers - I have realized that my blog is all about jwellery this and jewellery that and blah blah blah - and that is all well and good, as being creative is a big part of who I am, but...this blog, my blog...well its missing me...missing other parts of my life, my hubby and my kids and my day to day joys and horrors and everything in between. I plan to remedy that asap.

I plan to post a whole heap of photos from my brother's wedding here in a few weeks and I will make sure to also post photos of my upcoming Port Douglas holidays too :D

For my first post, about me LOL...well actually its about my other half... this is an American 1970 Dodge Challenger which my husband bought last year and is now doing a full restoration on ...this has always been his dream and he has been living it for the last year. You see, both the car and my husband share the same birth year "1970"! That means a lot to him. This is apparently one of the most classic muscle cars there is - there are a few, like Mustangs and Camaros etc. but the Challenger has always been hubby's favorite. He has already planned to restore, for his next car, the Australian version, The Charger!

The rust bucket which arrived a year ago was a disaster (as you can see from the last photo) and my poor son was so distraught at the time, telling his day "But, dad, the car is destroyed!" We all laughed over this so very much .

As you can see from the first photo, the car body has been straightened (massive job) all the dints pulled out and painted in the original Banana Yellow color - I am constantly ordering original parts from US sellers for hubby and this car is slowly coming along - it is a long long way from being finished but he is loving every moment of his dream restoration car.

My darling kids are also in the photo :D

OK I hope you have enjoyed this post...I will do my best to post a bit of real life now and then and mix it up with my art and jewellery passion. Cheers all, Val xoxoxox


  1. I have been married to a car enthusiast for nearly 20 years and it rubs off :-) Bet it will be fab when it's all finished. I love the sound of those muscle cars.

  2. Thank Julietk, from what I understand, my hubby has already bought the 440 big block, I hope I have said that right, and he can't wait until the motor goes in but that will be a while yet :D

  3. Hi Val! So nice to see you over at my blog & I can tell already that I'll be enjoying yours! :) Your work is gorgeous & it will be nice to get to know you otherwise as well - your kids look adorable! And kudos to your hubby on the Challenger! Mine loves Chargers & I had a '69 Dart I was very fond of - green outer w/ the original Plum Crazy under the hood. For some reason I was proud to tell everyone it was made the same year I was conceived, though I still don't understand why... :D Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!

  4. Hi Val, lovely to hear a bit about you!!! :0) I look forward to seeing your upcoming posts about your holiday etc! :0)

  5. Hi Kim, thanks so much sweetie for your lovely comments - I laughed when I read the "plum crazy" comment because my hubby wasn't sure if he should paint the Challenger Sublime Green, Plum Crazy or Banana Yellow LOL, but decided to stay with the original color - we already have so much in common with our muscle car madness so we will get along so well on Blogger - lovely to connect with you :D

    Hi Silke, thank you buddy - your blog is one of the blogs that inspired me to change my posts here as you always post such lovely photos of your everyday life mixed in with your art :D - thank you for that :D