Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New pendants...yet again :D

...I made these three pendants last night and this morning I gave them a second coat of resin - my fingers are sticky and my work surface is an absolute mess - as much as I love making these pendants I hate the clean-up which is a given after each crafting session :) - these pendants will have to wait until I return from holidays in mid May before I list them on Etsy as my shop will be going on 'vacation' in a few days time.

Today its is sunny and warm once again (no surprise there LOL) but tomorrow will be another season no doubt. I plan to do some housework and then star packing - also need to organise a few things for my brother's wedding in a weeks time so I will be busy busy busy until we fly out to Cairns/Port Douglas at the beginning of May.

OK, just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and chat to you soon, cheers Val xo


  1. Of course I had no patience and listed two out of the three pendants on Etsy tonight :) - the third on is already spoken for, one of my friends wants it which is cool :D

  2. Thaty are gorgeous!!! Do you paint those flowers on or are they made out of clay? They are gorgeous either way:0) Have a great holiday!! :0)

  3. Hey Nicola, thanks hon, the flowers are clay with lashings of resin over the top :D I will have a grand holiday, I just know it, will share some pics when we return, but I will still be here for another week before we go!

  4. Hi Val,
    Gosh, You are still churning out the most beautiful designs.
    Have a wonderful holiday and come back nice and refreshed, full of new ideas.
    That's what normally happens to me while away.
    (not that you need new ideas, you do such a wonderful job).
    Happy holidays,

  5. Thank you Anna :D - I think I need a few more fresh new ideas and I know I will coming up with new ideas on holidays - it will be interesting to see how different my work will become after two weeks of relaxation - have a great weekend and don't freeze tomorrow as I understand we are going to be having rain and wind and chill :) - lovely hey?

  6. Val, your art goes from fabulous to even more fabulous. So beautiful!
    Lovely to look at all your dragonfly and flower jewelry.
    Thank you for coming over to visit me, lovely to hear from you.


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  8. Thank you so very much lovely ladies for your great comments - I love reading them and they put a smile on my face every day :D

    Thank you Lydia for the link, I will check it out :-)

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