Monday, April 19, 2010

Pearls for my mom :D

Pearl Necklace for my MOM :D

Some new pieces glazed with resin, just made :D

Hi Ladies, I wanted to share the pearl photo which is a piece I made for my mom for my brothers wedding on 1 May - two weeks to go - she is wearing a lovely dove grey dress and wanted a necklace, a special piece, made for her -she has really green eyes too, so I have used white, light blue, aqua, and grey pearls in different sizes and wire wrapped the necklace for her, three strands, as she requested. I will be going to visit mom tomorrow and will take the necklace to her - hope she likes it.

Also a few new pendants I made today after I finished my GST paperwork - I have just poured resin onto them :D

Chat soon lovely ladies, Val xo


  1. Oh, Val, I LOVE the necklace you made for your mom. Those are my colors!! I bet she'll look gorgeous!! Love, Silke

  2. Thats right Silke, you love blue/aqua colors - thanks hon, I hope she appreciates all my poor little blistered fingers after wire wrapping three strands of those pearls :D

  3. So phabulous,nice necklace and these little beauties...pendants are so heartwarmly nice!-)*

    Dear Val,you are wonderful talent!!!

    Much Love,

  4. Muy lindo! le va encantar un uno tu mamá y Los colgantes Also Preciosos.

  5. Thank you Sara and Violatta, I am glad you like my little pendants - I will let you know what my mom thinks of her necklace when I visit her today or tomorrow :D

  6. Hi Val,

    Fabulous colours too as I have green eyes as well :)She will love love love it :)
    Hey you'll hvae to post a piccy of her wearing it at the wedding :)

    Hugs, Sharon

  7. Hi Sharon, I sure will, I will make sure to post a heap of photos from the wedding - I did not get to go to mom's this morning, as usual something else came up, thats life, but I will go and see her tomorrow :D