Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photos of my pets :D

Pepper asleep in her basket

Luther on his comfy bed

Time to show some pics of my two pets (family members really) - Pepper is our 2 year old tabby and she is a real character. She has adopted my washing basket as her permanent sleeping headquarters and she spends the whole day curled up next to the TV :D

Luther is our 4 year old English Mastiff - the gentlest giant in the dog world - and he is the sweetest dog ever - he still thinks he is little and tries to get into your lap which is scary since he weighs 95kg LOL

Today I am freezing, covered in a blanket, the weather is back to winter once again with massive storms forecast - a big difference from the last two days which were 30C (summer weather) - but that's Melbourne for you, 16 season changes in one day :D


  1. Aw, Val! Your fur babies are so cute. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks Erin, where would we be without our pets :D - I think my soaps have arrived as I have received a Collection Card this morning from them, can't wait til I get them this afternoon :D

  3. Wow, Pepper's markings are beautiful; I want to just squeeze her! Right now Kitty Boss (I actually call her KittenKat) is asking me to play...and that's a big doggie!!! He looks like he's just chillin'. Gotta love 'em!

  4. Hey Becky - I told you our cats looked alike - I have always dreamed of owning a Bengal kitten and my hubby has promised me one for my 40th (which is only a year away - shock horror now everyone knows the granny that I am) - but Pepper has some unbelievable tiger stripes, that's what won me over at the vet's - she was an abandoned kitten and would have been put down if I did not buy her - and she is lovely! The doggy is sure a big one, but a lovable giant :D

    Enjoy your little play with KittenKat :D

  5. Love the new name of your blog!!!!
    Your babies are so sweet too.
    We are having a cool day in Bris - only about 20 degrees, and pouring :-(

  6. Hey Karen, I figured that 'filigree fancies' was redundant at the moment with all these flowers and dragonflies, so I thought I better change it to something more fitting.

    Coolish here too, and storms on the way :(

  7. They are adorable! I have a cat who likes to sleep in the bathroom sink.

  8. LOL Miss Val, cats are special aren't they - Pepper just hopped into my clothes basket one day and fell asleep and since she loved it so much, I gave it to her, lined it with a fluffy blanket and bought myself a new one :/

  9. So sweet!! Isn't it always so cute how our cats can find the perfect spots to curl up in? And you mastiff looks massive yet so gentle! What a gorgeous dog!! Stay warm!! Lots of love! Silke

  10. ~a magical name change...

    "And as a dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live its life to the fullest with the short time it has – which is a lesson for all of us...unknown"

    adorable little family members you have...stay warm...16 seasons of change in a day...hhhmmm...guess i shall stop complaining about our rain! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  11. Hello Silke - both of us a mad animal lovers :D - I have always had pets, a must, can't imagine a life without them :D - hugs!

    Hi faerwillow, thank you for your lovely post and the 'dragonfly' story - I don't know how long my name will remain Dragonfly Whimsy, but the moment I move onto another type of jewellery piece, or back to painting, I am sure I will change my blog name again LOL - thats just me - have a wonderful week :D

  12. Aw, Pepper looks so adorable & I love to hear that you rescued her! Almost all of my animals have been rescues - only the fish can't claim that distinction. Luther looks like an absolute dear & that's just an awesome name! Heh, I reached 40 this year, still don't believe it! Made me laugh about the Plum Crazy, I was certain your husband would know it! Keep warm if you can, and have a great day! :)

  13. Hey Kim, I showed him your comment and he smiled - we know all the color names off by heart :D and he was very impressed to hear you had a Dart, said it was a 'mad car'.

    We are similar in age then :-) but I bet we both feel 15 years younger!!!

    Little Pepper is a darling cat and I just had to have her when I saw her tiger stripes - I hear they are now trying to breed cats like her, exclusively, like a pure bread cat because they are the best all round cat - temperament, character, playfulness, mousers, you name it - she will go from a moggy to a pure breed - wow~! ~hugs~

  14. The weather was back to winter here over the weekend. UGH
    Cute doggy. I have a sweet Boxer.

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  15. Too cute they are Val!
    We had 3 Bengals. Lilli had marking just like Pepper. She was a brown Marble Bengal. We also had a Brown Spotted and a Snow Lynx marble. Beautiful cats they are. (I have some pic's on my flickr page if you want a look)

    I also had a Rotweiler a few years ago called Diesel. He was just like your dog. He was huge but the smoochiest sook ever and LOVED to climb up on your knee. He was just georgous. I'd love another but am worried I won't get the same beautiful nature again.
    Those two look very happy to be your pets ♥

  16. Hi Bee, thanks for sharing your pet story hon - you had 3 Bengals?! You lucky girl - Rotties are lovely too - john loves German Sheperds and I love Doberhmans - so we had to come up with a dog , a compromise, and decided on English Mastiffs - this is our second English Mastiff, our first lived to 9yo, his name was Duke, also a sweetheart like Luther is now - go for another Rottie, I don't think you will go wrong. John and I both know that there is no other dog for us now, only Mastiffs :D

    Petter looks like a little Bengal, but she is just a run of the mill moggy but a pretty one at that, if sh was slightly bigger, she could pass for one :D

    I will take a look at them on Flickr thats for sure - cheers hon, Val xo