Monday, April 12, 2010

PRESSIE for me from JADE :D

...I just wanted to show everyone this gorgeous gorgeous painting which Jade of painted for me - she is an amazing artist and soon to be my Sister-in-Law. Please visit her blog and see the amazing artwork she makes. This painting is part of a swap we did, she got my "Gardener Girl" mixed media painting and I got this beauty :D

Another bit of happy news - I made some MINI Val Pendants last night (two of them) and they are already both spoken for - I have a feeling I will be making a few of these little pendants too as they are being snapped up like hotcakes - currently I am working on three new MINI Val Pendants :D - will show you pics tomorrow.

OK lovely Bloggers, must run - I have visitors today, my mom and my mother-in-law so I guess better go and 'gas-bag' with them LOL


  1. Wow Val I'm so happy for you, your art and pendants have just taken off so well, you make so many beautiful things it's so great!!!

    That painting from Jade is stunning, what a wonderful artist she is too! So beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Nicola, you are a sweetie and I love reading your comments - hope you are doing well and smiling at life hon!

  3. Stunning isn't it - Jade is very talented :)

  4. Heya Val, I'm glad you like it! It was good seeing you and desa saturday night, and Desas sister seems like a really nice person, had a beautiful smile.

  5. Hey Jade, it was a good night - I heard you guys partied well into the night while Desa and I, the old ladies we are, crashed by midnight :) - thanks for the lovely painting, now, I just need to find a perfect spot for it in my home!

  6. Such an amzing painting,dear Val!!!-)*
    You are a very lucky girl...

    Much Love,

  7. Dear Val,
    You were so busy. There are soo many great new items on your blog and even the name of your blog changed.
    I love the painting of your (soon to be) sister in law. She is a great artist.
    I have to go on scrolling through your blog