Monday, April 26, 2010

Sad today :(

Maya and Sinisha

My little 10yo man went to his Grade 5 camp this morning and returns on Friday - he was so excited this morning, wheeling his suitcase and carrying his sleeping bag into the schoolyard - Maya (who is tough cookie) actually had tears in her eyes as she decided she will miss her brother.

I am sad this morning as I miss my little man already - ahh the joys of parenthood...

I am slowly getting ready for my holiday's next week and I still need to get a few things organised for my brother's wedding on I guess I better stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it...cheers all, Val xo


  1. There, there...I feel your pain. I have a boy 11 and I miss him even when he is just in school for the day! You are a brave mom for letting your boy grow into a man. You will have to serve him his favorite dessert when he gets home because he will certainly miss you too. And what a sweet sister he has! oxoxo Zinnia

  2. OOoh you sound a lot like me, I have that too sometimes especially when they go to sleepover.
    The days will go fast:)

  3. Hi Zinnia and Farrielle, thanks ladies for your encouragement - I know I will be OK, its just so weird him not being here - I will cook him his favorite meal on Friday :D and desert too!

  4. Lucky kids! They are very fortunate to have such a thoughtful mom. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. My kids are grown and not coming back and I miss those days of them being around. They live close, but not the same.

  5. Hi Connie, that time will come too when the kids move out, and the time just passes so quickly its going to e here in the blink of an eye - no doubt it will be hard seeing you kids fly the next when they are old enough :(

  6. Hi Val,
    Oh, what good looking goods you have. I know always hard to let go!
    My 19 year old son says "cut the umbilical cord" Oh, that hurts.
    Just think of the fun Sinisha will have on camp!

  7. Awww he'll be back before you know it! I know I'm going to struggle when my little man goes away to his first camp, not for a few years yet though thank goodness! :0) Take care x

  8. Hey Anna and Nicola, half way through now, he will be back in 2 days, I am surviving OK and it helps that Maya is still here, lapping up all the extra attention from both John and I :D