Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back to reality... newest pendants which are now curing for the next two day - it was wonderful pulling out all my jewellery supplies last night and making pendants again as its been nearly a month since I have made any new pieces.

The moment I re-opened my Etsy shop on the weekend, I received heaps of emails from buyers who had been waiting for me to return so they can put in custom orders - this is great of course and now I have to buy all the supplies needed as I have run out of everything: beads, resin, wire, clay etc etc.

On another note, a custom order I sent to the US before my holidays arrived, minus the custom order - great isn't it. Only the free gift I enclosed was in the envelope which means that somewhere along the postal route, someone opened up the envelope, removed the custom pendant, re-sealed the envelope and posted it to the buyer! What a bummer - now I have to make another pendant for the custom order and have it resent to the poor lady who was so patient with me and waited a month for the pendant which never arrived...ah hell, that's life I suppose, there is a first for everything.

OK, must get off this laptop now and do some work around the house - cheers all, Val xo


  1. You reality looks SOooo lovely,SOoooo dreamly nice,dear Val!!!-)*


  2. Hi Val,
    Lovely new pendants!
    Hm, interesting to read only two days required for curing time. The stuff I use takes 24 hrs to touch dry but one week to cure properly!
    Bummer about the post and having to remake the ladies order.
    Happy Creating,

  3. Thank you sweet Violetta :D - I can't complain about my reality, life is great!

    Hi Anna, thanks sweets. My resin is touch dry in about 12 hours, but within 48 hours it can be handled and I am able to place the bail on the pendants and complete the pieces although a few more days is always great for curring - I don't post these pendants out for at least 5 to 6 days after I make them - so maybe we do have the same stuff - I buy mine from Riot Art...