Thursday, May 13, 2010

HELLO...I am back...

HELLO EVERYONE - well are the pictures as promised - I have chosen a few out of 135 photos I took on these holidays...not surprising, I only feature in few of them as I always end up being the designated photographer LOL...

At the Port Douglas look-out... getting up-close and personal with some tropical pythons (non venemous of course) while mom is freaking out, taking the photos...this was taken at the Cairns Night Markets

Mossmon waterfall in a tropical rain forest - just one of many we visited on our travels...

Volcanic crater which is about 80 meters deep below the water surface before it takes a sharp right...that part has still not been explored. 60 meters from the viewing platform where I took this photo to the water below...

Largest Amethyst Geode in the world - this one is 2.6 tonne and 3.6 meters tall...this was at the Crystal Caves in the Tablelands...

Maya and I horse riding on Wonga Beach - I don't know how she talked me into this one and a half hour ride...I was unable to walk for 2 days afterwards LOL

We rented a moke on our third day of holidays and drove around Port Douglas and Mossman...the kids loved it!

Kiddies with a Cassowary...amazing birds!

Catching lizards in Port Douglas...I have so many photos of the kids with lizards in their hands, its not funny...

At a Tropical Zoo...check out the crocs sunning themselves on the sand...

Paronella Park in the Tablelands...these grounds are gorgeous with Spanish Castles built on them by a Spanish immigrant in 1935...

Spanish Castle in the background...under the bridge is a waterfall...this place was amazing...I even bought the biography of Jose Paronella (I hope I spelled it correctly) the man who dreamt of building a pleasure garden in the middle of the tropics...75 years later, the park still operates and tourists stream through the doors...

Evening shot of Cairns...the large building lit up behind the kids is the Trilogy apartments where we stayed...

Mossman rain forest...

Mandalay apartments at Port Douglas, on our ground floor balcony...

Ice cold water at Mossmon...

WOW - what a busy 10 days we have had - I always feel like I need a holiday from the holiday LOL - it was great, we had a wonderful time and the weather was excellent for us - only a few quick showers on a couple of days, otherwise, it was hot and sunny and we were just go go go... - all my photos are out of sequence but never mind :D We rented a moke for one day and a large comfortable sedan for two days - John and I worked it out, we did over 650km in driving and visiting various places...and we wished we had a few more days of holidays as there were still many places we did not get to see...ah well, next time...

It is good to be back tho, as much as travelling and sightseeing is wonderful, it is always nice to come back home and sleep in ones own bed! I have a suitcase full of clothes to wash (the machine is washing the second load right now) and then its back to REALITY for all of us - hubby and I back to work tomorrow, kids at school and so on...

Hope everyone has been well and good...thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments on my previous post about my brother's wedding - you guys are so kind and wonderful, THANK YOU so much - I look forward to chatting to you all very soon!


  1. awesome pics. how about that amethyst? we haven't made it that far north yet and your pictures are making me want to plan a trip to Cairns now. Paronella park doesn't look so good in the brosures but your pics make it look like a must do. Hope reality isn't too hard to slip back in to x

  2. Totally gorgeous trip,dear Val!!!-)*
    Incradibly beauty and fresh...wooow!!!

    Welkom home and have a rust at home,

  3. Hey Ruby Star, Paronella Park is well worth a visit - apparently, the night walks are the best as they have the whole place lit up and it looks great.

    Reality is already biting LOL...

  4. What a trip. I am envious of the gorgeous places you visited. Thanks for sharing your photos. You made me laugh with the comment about photos of your kids holding lizards! Takes me back!

  5. Hi Violetta and Elizabeth, thanks lovely ladies for your lovely comments - great to be home of course but I wish I was still visiting all those lovely places :D

  6. Looks like a great time Val!!! Oh to be in shorts, tshirts & thongs again. It's been sooo cold here :O(
    I LOVE QLD in winter. Just the right temp.

    Good to have you back again

  7. Thanks Bee, you are a sweetie, its great to be back - the tropical weather is amazing - by 9am its already 29 degrees and I don't think it fell below 22 degrees the whole time we were there - we kept watching the news and seeing Melbourne sitting on 14 degrees tops ughhhh :D

  8. Looks like you guys had a blast, lovely to go to Atherton and Mossmon. Hoping Vlad and I get up one year, but for now, next year its back to the red centre (but flying this time haha)

  9. Hey Jade - I loved Atherton, all those tablelands were mind blowing because you are on the flats, yet you are driving through the clouds and its misting the whole time we are there - it was amazing!!! There were some caves at Chilaroo but we never got to go there, way too far and the kids were getting antsy :( - but never mind, always next year :) - the red center you say, GREAT!!! that will be fun! - must visit you blog and see if you have posted any photos from our trip :D

  10. Hey Val, welcome home! What an awesome time you must have had - you managed to cram a whole bunch of my favorite things in those 10 days! Can't believe that amethyst & I love the pic of your kids w/ the snake! They'd probably love my Eris, she's 6 feet long now & is an absolute darling. She's kind of the boa ambassador around here & all the kids who aren't afraid have held her [as well as a couple of converts who were afraid until they met her]. :) So glad you had a nice time & I know what you mean about getting back to your own bed & taking a vacation from your vacation!

  11. Hey Kim, the holidays were amazing - we did manage to cram a lot in this time as the kids are older now...650km driving was all we could do with them fighting in the back seat LOL - that snake is the first snake I have ever touched in my whole life - I held my palm under its body and felt all the muscles move WOW - I may be a convert :D -thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely welcome back message - cheers hon, Val xo

  12. My kind of vacation. That Geode is amazing!

  13. Wow, those pics are awesome! Lucky you to have such a great experience with your family! Welcome home.

  14. Hi Val,
    From your wonderful photo's this looks like the perfect place for a family holiday,
    So much to see and do!
    Ah, don't you love how everyone is sooo happy in holiday destinations!
    Happy creating,

  15. Thank you Anna, Tina and Ms Givens - its great to be home and I look forward to getting back into my art and jewellery very soon, but first I need to spend some time on my laptop as I have missed the net and did not have access to the internet for 2 weeks (cold turkey LOL) - have a lovely weekend ladies!

  16. Love all the gorgeous pictures! Looks like you all had a great time, and you're right-you need vacay to recover from vacay!

  17. oops can't read my comments again - must change browsers I think :(

  18. Thanks hon, I am relaxing today, I am giving myself one day off and then its back into reality :D

  19. Well when we do head up to the tablelands, I will definately be dropping by your joint with a map to find out all the good spots! You keep exploring that way and me and vlad will keep exploring our way, then we'll trade maps lol

  20. LOL sounds excellent Jade, but I am sure you and Vlads would have had a better time of it, just the two of you where John and I had to battle two very cranky kids at times :)

  21. Makes me want to go on vacation! That amethyst would look great in my back yard. That must have been beautiful to see!

  22. Hey Connie - that Amethyst would look great in any garden I think LOL - it was a great holiday full of sight seeing.