Monday, May 24, 2010

SILVER pendants...

Hello everyone in Blogger Land - hope everyone is happy and well and smiling!

I am slowly easing into reality after my holidays - it is cold and gloomy and rainy in my part of the world, so basically I am locked indoors reading or cleaning or washing or making new jewellery (the usual for a stay at home mom) - we are well and truly into winter in Melbourne!

I have had a lot of requests/emails asking if I make my Val Pendants in silver as I have been hung up on antique brass for a very long time - so here they are. They look sweet I think :) but I still prefer the honey tones of brass.

I am busy with three custom orders I have had since returning from holidays (one of which is finished and already listed on Etsy) - the other two orders are on hold until I receive the supplies which should be arriving this week hopefully.

I am going to curl up and read my book now and switch the laptop off - new resolution for me, since returning from holidays, is to spend less time on the Internet - lets see how I do on that one LOL. Bye everyone!


  1. Love your work, Val! And i think the silver is so nice too... nice to match silver jewelry someone may have..

  2. Thanks Cori, these pieces have already been very popular, I must make some more in silver :D

  3. Gorgeous work! Polymer clay artists just amaze me ... Found your site through a little stumble around on Facebook and am so glad to have landed here.

  4. Thank you so much for these lovely comments hone - I will go and try to find a link to follow you too - :D