Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy week...well, as per usual...

...just a few pendants I was able to squeeze in today... I love the second one with the explosion of forest leaves, quite fitting for a tree of life pendant I think :-)

My little man, Master 11 (he turned 11 today) has been so sick with a throat infection and then croup to top it off, he is on antibiotics for 5 days and is slowly getting better.

I am having a combined b-day party for my son and daughter on Sunday (as they were born 3 years apart, nearly to the day) and am expecting abut 14 adults and as many children to descend on my home on Sunday afternoon - PARTY!

I will let you know how I survive the party (and my poor house too LOL) - OK, getting late her, will be back shortly with few b-day pics I think - enjoy your weekend everyone - hugz!


  1. They are precious pendants you do, I admire your work
    A greeting from Spain ¡¡

  2. ~healing happy birthday wishes for your little man...mine will be turning 11 too at the end of the month...must l♥ve June babies...may he have a wonderful day filled with much l♥ve and happiness...and your explosionof forest leaves...the perfect is gorgeous...warm wishes, good luck with your party and brightest blessings~

  3. Ooohhh, I love the trees! Did I mention I have a thing about trees? Phoenix, cats, and're batting a 1000 (whatever that means, I don't know baseball, lol).

  4. Ah, see...I saw the trees and didn't read on to the bottom! I hope your son feels better for his birthday-and I hope the party is a blast!

  5. Thank you lovely Bloggers - wishing all three o you a wonderful weekend :D

  6. ohhhhhhh I love that second one those green leaves are gorgeous! Hope your little man feels better soon!! And good luck for your party! :0)

  7. Hey Nicola and Becky - yes, that leaf design has come out so nice - I plan to use different color leaves for my next one, such as red or brown :D - my little man is battling along but he is looking forward to his party :D

  8. wow, great site! ~jack at

  9. Hi Val,
    it´s quite a while since my last visit. And you made so many lovely things.
    Your green tree of live is wonderful.
    Have a great sunday