Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One lazy dog and a few new pendants....

I have made 4 more pendants today - these have just come out of the oven and later tonight I will layer resin over them which will bring out the colors even more - these pendants are getting more and more intricate and detailed and I feel like I am painting them instead of making a collage :D

Check him out will you LOL! This is the way Luther sits in a typical Mastiff pose, every morning, the moment the sun peaks over out house :D - he is just too adorable :)


  1. Your pendants just keep getting better and better - I love them! ah ye olde Luther, what a legend

  2. Hey Jade, thanks sis - hope you are enjoying your Tree of Life Pendant :D - say hi to bro!

  3. Again a new style.
    I am amazed by your creativity.
    But you should lesrn a leson from the cool dog.
    Never forget to relax (tee hee)
    Have a great week

  4. Dear Val:-)*
    You new pendants are fabulous nice,realy!!!

    Love you ''nature'' style so much!

    Hugs and blessings,

  5. He is so cute!
    I read the other day that my Boxer is from the Mastiff family.

  6. They really do look like art! Reckon maybe Luther isn't a morning person, but feels better making sure the sun comes up to bring some warmth? He looks like a big ole teddy bear-give him some cuddles from me, would you?

  7. Oh dear Val...Luther is just adorable....he and Meisje could be a partners!! she sits that way too..only she is showing of her little boobies with the nipples..."face"straight in the sun...eyes closed...you have to love and protect them don`t you!!
    your pendants are knockouts...so detailed...awesome!!I saw that my comment when you were feeling poorly did not came through...sorry about that...i have wished you well and glad you are feeling better now..
    greetings ♥ Francien.

  8. Hi Val,
    Glad to see you back on board and feeling better. Ah yes, I see your changing your style. The pendants look great.
    Hey, Luther is gorgeous!

  9. Thanks lovely ladies for your comments here :D - my dog has been compared to a very cuddly arrangatang on FB LOL I think that is so true, he does resemble a tree dwelling creature in this shot - I have at times thought he looks like a Grizzly Bear - the large browns eyes, the long square muzzle :D

    Hope you all have a great week :D