Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still making pendants... my supplies arrive daily, I end up getting all these new pieces of jewellery which I just have to decorate straight away - that is why there are a few new pieces everyday now - these two are quite large (55mm) and are on hammered copper discs - they will be turned into pendants when they are cured!


  1. now that's different...I really love the colors!

  2. Dear Val:-)*

    How much I like you beautiful creations,darling...
    You work makes me always SO inspirational,you are very blessed designer,I mean it!!!

    Always with Love,

  3. Such lovely word Violetta, thank you so very much for putting a smile on my face :D hugs!

    Hey Becky, they worked out well, I just got the pendants today after 2 weeks of waiting to get them so I had to jump straight in and make these - this is how I imagined them when I was ordering the disc :D - have a great day hon!

  4. Hi Val,
    I bet you just itch while waiting for the postie to arrive.
    These latest creations are gorgeous. My favourite is the first one with the single elephant.
    Stay warm,

  5. Hey Anna, thanks hon - yes, love these elephants too - keep warm in this mentally cold Melbourne weather :D