Wednesday, June 23, 2010 again...

This was supposed to be a new pair of earrings - I say supposed to because, once I put on the resin, they were lovely and 'domed' with crystal clear finish, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they may be too heavy to be earrings - so now I have to wait until they are dry so I can test their weight - in case they are too heave, I will have made two identical pendants which is still OK :D

Three more newbies drying...I have gone a bit 'cosmic' with my backgrounds, but they are pretty hip I think :D

Thank you to all the lovelies that leave comments on my posts, I love reading them and try to answer all of them :D Keep well and chat soon, Val xox HUGS


  1. Val they are beautiful whatever they turn out to be! But they would be fabulous earrings!
    Tina xo

  2. Val
    Your "supposed to be earrings" are stunning!!
    To be honest I couldn't stop looking at them. lol

  3. Thanks ladies :D - the resin is try this morning, I have been able to test their weight and they are not at all any more heavier than my other earrings so that makes me happy - these will be earrings after all :D

  4. OMG,dear Val!-)))*
    That's gorgeous,you earrings are absolutely adorable creation!!!


  5. Thanks Violetta HUGZ!!! I was worried they might be too heavy for earrings but they are not, they are very lightweight so I am happy about that - thanks for you great comments here!

  6. Loving the butterflies! Especially the one in the middle...and the earring/pendants...I agree with Myrna...can't stop looking at them!

  7. I would definitely wear those as earrings or as a pendant. They are beautiful!!! =)