Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogger playing up for me - again!

Hi everyone, I haven't been on blogger for over a week now which is very unusual for me. I blame Blogger for it.

It is no longer allow me to post photos on here and I am running out of patience with it. Or I could just blame my laptop which refuses to do the things I tell it - I know it has something to do with my cache and cookies etc etc... but I just can't work it out.

My computer troubles aside, I am well and my kiddies are on the second week of their school holidays and they are currently having sleepovers - I miss them terribly and can't wait to pick them up from my sisters house tomorrow but in the meantime, my house is spotless as I have had plenty of time to clean an empty house because I have been bored and also because my house needed a good spring clean :D

I will attempt to work out my Blogger problem and visit some blogs, catch up with you guys, but even leaving comments on some blogs is a problem as well, it just won't allow me to do it.

Ah well, hell, maybe its time to update my laptop and hurl this one in the bin!

Hope you are all well and happy -cheers Val xo


  1. Hey Val, I understand! I've read on several blogs that comments can't be moderated, etc. On mine, my replies won't post half the time! Glad everyone is well and I bet your kiddies are having a great time. Ask me how much housework I've gotten done-just enough to get by! Maybe tomorrow....*wink* Hope you can get your computer issues worked out, but a new computer....sounds nice! :)

  2. Hi Val,
    I know how frustrating that can be...I was having trouble for awhile posting comments on certain blogs...turn out I had to accept third party cookies on mine and now I have no problem. I never had a problem posting photos on my own blog but maybe you can try blogger help or just do a search...trouble posting pictures on blogger and see what comes up....take care.

  3. Hi Val. Sorry to hear you have had computer problems - blogger has been doing weird things recently, I am hoping it is just a phase! I have in the past asked questions on blogger help, people do reply there so maybe ask them if you have something specific. And your jewellery is gorgeous, those pendants in your header are so pretty. Your artwork is lovely too - I love 'A Perfect Rose' and 'Magenta Butterfly'. Think I will like it here!

  4. Thanks so much Blogger Buddies for your helpful hints here - I have tried downloading new browsers but its no help, still can't post photos on my post :/ - anyway, I will get there eventually! Have a great weekend everyone :D

  5. I just stumbled upon this post. I have to say, having a look around you produce amazing stuff! Love it :-)