Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a quick little update...

...nah, still not able to post photos - oh well.

Been busy with custom orders and busy with life in general, as per usual - currently I am redecorating my house - walls have been knocked out and feature squares cut into other walls, some doorways have been closed off - still plastering the place but expect to start painting in the next few days - my whole house is getting a makeover, well overdue, and even tho I am sick of the mess and dust the place will look great when its done and I am enjoying the disaster zone nevertheless.

You can find me on FB most days where I have no problems posting photos (unlike on Blogger) so if you want to say hello just pop onto my FB page :D

Hope everyone is well and good and happy and healthy! Cheers to all, Val xoxo


  1. Pity about the pics and it seems that there is lots of renos happening in the blog land. Hope you can rectify the photo probs.

  2. Was pleased to visit your blog. Until new appointments