Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MERMAID II - step by step pics

Today I started painting this Mermaid and decided to take a few progress pics...from start to finish (painting only) this piece took me 5 hours - I also spent an extra few hours before I started painting making the star fish clay canes, baking them, then cutting them down to size which decorate the Mermaid's tail. Of course, now I have to only varnish her a few times and she will be ready to decorate her new owner's home!

This is a decent size canvas board (40cmx50cm) - I was very naughty, painting inside my house, in my office...tsk tsk tsk...but I do have a valid excuse, my 8yo daughter Maya stayed home from school as she wasn't feeling well and I did not want to leave her in the house alone while I painted in the studio, hence my painting session inside the house :) (it wasn't too much of a disaster, I only got paint on a couple of places and was able to clean it off).

Thank you all for your welcome wishes...I am so glad that Blogger is working for me once again and that I can rejoin the Blogger community - I hope everyone is well and to you all soon...cheers Val xoxo


  1. Hi Val, you are back again, that is great.
    I love your step by step meremaid. It is allways great to see work in progress. I love the fishtail.
    Have a great day

  2. Many thanks Janine, and its great to be back on blogger - chat to you soon hon, take care, Val xx