Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I LOVE these Chan Luu style bracelets...but I don't have the patience to make them: the beads are tiny, the leather won't stay still, the silk string is so long and keeps knotting itself etc etc...that's why I purchased 3 bracelets last month from 3 talented ladies, all three purchased bracelets wrap around my wrist 3 or 5 times and I love wearing other's work, rather than my own - but I still love making these occasionally, ones that wrap only once around the wrist (that's all I can manage without losing my mind LOL)... so here is one I made this morning - it was going to be an anklet and then I changed my mind and stopped at a bracelet...it has rutilated quartz, labradorite and mother of pearl beads all around it and rather than knotting the bracelet close, I have wire wrapped it instead!

Monday, March 19, 2012


...my beads annealed, cleaned and ready to turn into some unique focal pendants :D

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Few New LAMPWORK Lentil Beads

...some new lentil lampwork beads which are right now being annealed - I should have these back in the next few days and they will be ready for wire wrapping into jewellery pieces :D - cheers everyone, hope you are all happy and healthy and smiling and creating lots of lovely handmade goodies xx

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey guys, me again...always keep coming back to my dragonflies...but this time in glass - wow what an amazing medium glass is...I am having so much fun making these little artwork pendants :D - hope everyone is well and happy and healthy - cheers and chat soon, hopefully - Val xx

Sunday, November 20, 2011


‎...here is a pic of a few lampwork beads I made in my first class on Saturday - you will see the glass rods behind the beads which were used to make the beads - I have more beads from my second class on Sunday, but those are getting annealed and I will get them in next few days - the lady who taught me is called Pauline and this is her website http://www.paulinedelaney.com/ - if you are interested in taking lampwork beadmaking classes and you live in Australia, check out her webpage and see if she has any classes close to your home - she is a wonderful artist and a great lady and I had an absolute ball learning how to melt glass...cheers everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi Everyone! It has been nearly a year since I have been on blogger - thought I would just stop by and say hello and catch you up with what I have been doing all that time.

I am really into lampwork beads now - in fact, I have classes starting tomorrow and cannot wait to make my first lampwork glass bead - once I get some hands on experience I plan to set up my art studio with all the lampworking equipment I will need and start making these pretties myself The 4 beads you see in the photo have been purchased from very talented lampwork artists in US as well as Australia and I have just added the wire wrapping to them.

I hope everyone is happy ad well and I look forward to browsing your pages shortly! Cheers Val