Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have WON my first Blogger GIVEAWAY...

Hi ladies - yes, I am over the moon right now as I have just found out that I am the winner of a giveaway - my first giveaway win!!!

The lovely, talented Erin at has picked my name "out of a hat" to win her Winter Giveaway of two bars of soaps from her wonderful soap range. Please visit Erin at her blog and have a look at all the lovely soap goodies she makes "from scratch" - her soaps are gorgeous to look at (like delicious cakes) and the scents absolutely Divine - she really is a master at her craft! Thank you so much Erin!

Once the soaps arrive, I will gladly take a picture of them and post my first win here! Til then, cheers to all, Val xoxo

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Forest Spirit" in pink

Hi everyone, it is so funny how I still manage to find the time to paint, especially when I have an image of what the painting will look like in my head, even when I really don't have time for it! After the family went to sleep last night, I stayed up and painted this spirit in pink shades - and this time I used much more gold for outlining and detailing. This will also make a nice pendant but I first have to wait for a heap of supplies to arrive from the USA before I can make them.
Hope you like this new little mythical creature, chat soon, Val xoxo

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Woodland Nymph" acrylic painting...

Hi everyone in Blogger-ville! This is my newest little painting (25cm x 30cm on canvas board).

I painted her this morning - and yes, mermaids are out and now, other mythical creatures are in!!!

I wanted to do a painting in earthy tones, not for the painting itself, but for the image I would have which I can then shrink down and use in my new glass pendants "wearable art" - I really think this painting looks excellent inside the pewter tray glass pendants!!! So there we have it, a painting done for the pendants it would make, a first for me!

I now need to run along and maybe do some house work, perhaps a spot of grocery shopping, and yes, definitely some clothes washing - time has come for me to turn into superwife and supermom, especially since the kids are on school holidays now for 2 weeks!

I will pop in as often as I can over the next two weeks and catch up with you and your beautiful artwork! Take care everyone, hugz from Aussie Land, Val xoxo

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WIP completed...

She is finished - that's it for mermaids for a while! Cheers Val xoxo

WIP - another darn mermaid...

OK this is my mermaid (the new one) and she has been sitting like this, on my kitchen table, for the last 3 days - I started painting her 'backwards' - what I mean by that is I usually paint the delicate bits first, such as the face, thats a must for me - but with this one I started with the background and body?!?!?! Now I feel lost and as a result, I have taken a step back from all the gold detail, feeling in this instance that less is more - I don't think I will be picking up the gold pain for the rest of this painting, what is there is there.
I have had a lady request a commission, 3 mermaid paintings (different colours each one, with different body posture in each one) - for once, I have tuned this commission down, why? I usually do not charge very much for my paintings and knowing how much work was involved in painting 3, I just figured it would be easier not to paint them than crying over the low price I would receive for them in the end. Weird I know, but I also will be busy with the kids for the next 3 weeks as they are on school holidays and I don't want to be under pressure to paint at the moment.
Well, that's all from me - I might return to this little mermaid now and start painting the body and face - backwards lol, for me!
Cheers all, Val xoxoxox

Another Award - thank you Darla!!!

Sweet Darla has given me this lovely award - thank you Darla - you know how much I love your artwork that I had to purchase one of your originals!!! Please visit Darla's blog and feast your eyes on some gorgeous whimsy!!! You will find Darla at

The Uber Award is a blog award given to sites who:

1. Inspire you

2. Make you smile and laugh, or maybe give amazing information

3. A great read

4. Has an amazing design

5. Any other reasons you can think of that make them Uber amazing!

The rules of this award are:

* Put the logo on your blog or post.

* Nominate at least 6 blogs

* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.

* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
I will not be so busy and lazy this time to nominate a few blogs I really love reading...

Julie-ann at

Jolie at

Elizabeth at

Jade at

Vesna at

Michelle at

As usual, it is always a nightmare picking only a few out of so many talented Bloggers! Thank you to all my followers who always make the time to stop by my blog and leave a message - these comments are all very appreciated and I always try to leave an answering comment as a thank you.

Back to life now - I am in the process of painting another mermaid (no surprise there) - but she is different to my other paintings and the canvas is larger in size - I will post a pic in a few days when she is finished.

Cheers all, take care, hugz Val xoxoxoxo

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pewter Glass Tile Pendant...

Hi everyone - I just had time to make one of these pewter tray glass pendants this morning (the rest will have to wait for a bit) and just wanted to share of photo of this pendant - I love the way it looks inside the pewter tray - so much more appealing than the glass tile alone but this is my own personal opinion!
This little dragonfly amongst daisies is listed on eBay at the moment, if anyone is interested.
Cheers all, Val xoxox

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awards, Awards, Awards,

The sweet Norma at has given me this heartwarming award and I am still wearing the smile on my face!!! Please have a look at Norma's art - she is a very very talented artist and I always have such a great time reading her blog and seeing her new artwork. Thanks Norma - HUGZ!!!

Also - this One Lovely Blog Award was given to me by Helen at - she is an amazing artist and her wearable art glass pendants are gorgeous!!! She was in fact my inspiration to start making my very own wearable art glass pendants. Thanks so much Helen for thinking of me for this award and for your great friendship on Blogger and Twitter!!!
Well ladies, as I am so very short of time these days (still busy busy busy) - I would like to offer up these two awards to any one of you who is following me - I always have a very hard time picking Bloggers for these awards and now wish, basically, all of you to come along and grab your own award - the fact that I am following you means that I admire your artwork, your jewellery, your card making, your quilting etc - to me you are all very talented artists in your own right and I am so very happy to have your friendship!!! Therefore, you all deserve this award.
All the very best to all my buddies on Blogger -land! Cheers and take care, Val xoxox

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A lovely Award Received...

I have received this great award from Michelle of - thank you Michelle for thinking of me for this award, much appreciated and very heartwarming! Please visit Michelles blog and have a look see at her lovely whimsy artwork - just beautiful!

Here are the seven things I love that I will now need to share with you:-

1. My two sweetheart children Sinisha and Maya
2. My amazing hubby John
3. My mental cat Pepper
4. My gentle giant English Mastiff Luther
5. My home (my own little heaven)
6. My ART of course - the creative outlet for me
7. My loving and supportive family whom I love very much!

This award I now pass to the following seven bloggers (which is always a very hard decision):

Julie at
Sherry at
Gypsy Rose at
The Handmade at
BeeDeeBaBee at
Stacey at
Barefoot Nanna at

Thank once again Michelle for this lovely blog - happy creativity to everyone, chat soon, Val xoxo

Friday, June 19, 2009

Too busy at the moment...



Hi everyone, I have been really busy with kids, with work and with life in general these past few weeks - these paintings I painted yesterday and today for a bit of relaxation therapy for myself! The mermaid painting is not a commissioned artwork as such, but I had so many enquiries regarding my other mermaid painting (which sold straight away) that I decided to paint another little mermaid and list her on eBay - here is the link -

"Green Eyes" is just something that flowed from the brush, I had no concept or idea of what I was going to paint - this is the result. She too is listed on eBay.

I will be back the moment life slows down for me and "puts it down a few gears"! All the best to everyone, cheers Val xo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a quick post...

Hi Ladies, have been busy with life and haven't been painting at all for a few weeks - making glass tile pendants instead for something different to do.

Just to let all the Aussie and NZ bloggers know that I have listed a few paintings and pendants on eBay (as much as I don't like selling through eBay!!!) - here is the link -

Hope everyone is well, will try an blog and catch up with you very soon - greetings Val xo

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hello everyone - YAY THE HEATER IS FIXED!

This afternoon the service guy came (3 days early) and had the rotten ducted heating unit working within 2 minutes flat - apparently the control panel had locked itself out, and it was a matter of reprogramming it - (no doubt we had caused this lockdown with all the buttons we were pushing trying to get it going in the first place lol). So, all is great in my life now!

Today I also made these cute fun glass pendants, using images from some of my sold artwork! How do you like them? I will be listing these on Etsy shortly, just need to waterproof the back of the pendants and they are done.

So, this is my little blogging session for today - hopefully in a few days time I will have some new paintings to post as I am planning to get back into painting shortly! Until then, look after yourselves and I will chat with you soon. Cheers and hugz Val xxxooo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ducted Heating Crisis...

Hey Bloggers - just wanted to let you know that "Murphy's Law" is working its warped magic at my home.

We are in the middle of a very very cold snap in Melbourne (with snow on the mountains) and its about 8 degrees at its warmest during the day (about 2 - 3 degrees at night) - and my ducted heating has decided to go on the blink!!!

For two days now, my hubby and I and my two little poor munchkins have been freezing - fortunately, we do have a reverse cycle air conditioner which is now set on 30 degrees, and a small electric heater going 24 hours a day, but these two appliances are only able to warm our kitchen/lounge room (just) - the rest of the house is a freezer!

Naturally, Vulcan/Bonair cannot get a serviceman out here for about 3 weeks (WHY SHOULD THIS SURPRISE ME???) - so my hubby and our farm electrician have spent most of the morning pulling apart the ducted heating unit, trying to fix the problem themselves! I say, good on them, even if they cant get it going - I am typing here, but I cant feel my fingers lol - brrrrrrr - so that has been my past few days - needless to say, I have not picked up a paint brush as there are much more urgent matter to attend to (like defrosting our bodies) - but we will get there, fingers crossed!

So for now, cheers to all, and I hope you are all cuddly and warm and happy with life - I will post again, as soon as this crisis is over - icy hugz, Val xxxooo

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a quck hello to my Blogger friends,

Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello and that I have kept to my word (I haven't painted in nearly a week, wow, weird feeling) - and since I don't have any new paintings to post, I thought I would show you a photo of my two painting buddies, they both keep me company in the studio when I am painting at night (but its been to cold lately to paint in the studio so we haven't been there together for a while)

Luther is our gentle giant, our pure bread English Mastiff and Pepper is my moggy, run of the mill, cat (she is a real character and Luther is extremely special) - its so great that they get along so well and sleep together to keep each other warm. Luther has to be seen to be believed - he weights in at a cool 100kg and is 4 years old - he would be considred a small English Mastiff as they can grow much bigger - both Pepper and Luther are allowed into the house on cold nights when we are relaxing and watching TV. Pepper is fine, you don't even know she is there, Luther on the other hand snores so loud, we cannot hear the TV lol.

So now that I have shared a bit with you all, I am feeling a bit better. Hope everyone is well and happy and I look forward to chatting with you soon, hugz Val

ps I am excited about an order of glass tiles I have purchased as I want to make some of those gorgeous art pendants - will post a pic of them when they are made! Cheers!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last little painting for a while...

"Mother Nature" 25cm x 30cm

Hi everyone, this little painting I started last night and completed today - she only needs a few coats of varnish and that will be that. As I really need to spend some time doing things around the home, I wont be painting for a while - this painting will be listed on Etsy and eBay if anyone is interested.

I will blog as soon as I can, take care everyone, cheers Val xxxooo