Sunday, September 27, 2009


...I have decided to have a new giveaway, just because LOL... this cute little bracelet has 5 bezel trays with a different dragonfly picture inside each - it is one of a kind and all the dragonflies are from my own paintings!

Just leave a comment on this post and you will be in the draw - the only thing I would ask is that you must be a follower of my blog to enter. If you would like to link this giveaway to your blog, that would also be great, but it is not a requirement.

So there we have it - I will draw a winner when I get back from holidays, most likely by 7th October 2009.

Good luck everyone, enjoy your week and I will chat with you all upon my return from sunny Surfers Paradise :D

Cheers, Val xoxo

Friday, September 25, 2009

WOW - featured on Zibbet...

...I am going to be the new Featured Zibbeter for the month of October on ZIBBET! Yes! How great is that - my shop will sit on the front page of Zibbet for the next month - I am bound to get many many views, if nothing else :)

So I have made a few more cute 53mm art pendants which I have just listed on Zibbet. If you get the chance, please visit the Zibbet site and read my special Featured Zibbetter Interview :D which will be posted on 1 October 2009 (a few days from now)

This is the link

Anyway, as I will be away on holidays until 5 October and I plan not to take my lap top with me, I wont have a clue how this feature will affect my shop - hopefully, when I get back, there will be a few sales and I will be pleasantly surprised.

Have a great week everyone and I will catch up with you and all your lovely creations when I return from Surfers Paradise :D - hugz Val xoxoxo

PS the stats for my Zibbet shop so far:

In July my shop had 300 views

In August my views were around 500 approx

So far, for the month of September, my shop has had 1,200 views!!!

This tells me that the Zibbet shop is on the up and up and that the Zibbet team are promoting this new selling site - this is great for all the handmade seller out there :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am not a Spring Chicken :D

...hello Bloggers, today is my 38th birthday and I don't know how that makes me feel - I actually still feel like I am in my mid 20's...but the Birth Certificate says differently LOL.

My kids are officially on school holidays - we have two weeks of fun and games - but also I am in the process of organising another holiday to QLD for us - we just need to get away from this crappy Melbourne weather - all I want to do is laze around the pool all day and the hubby also wants the same thing - must go to the travel agent tomorrow and book it as we are planning to take off by the end of the week.

Today my good friend Mary is Christening her little girl Natasha so we are slowly getting ready at my home, showering, dressing etc - the place will look like a bomb shelter by the time the four of us are ready but not much I can do about that til tomorrow when I will have time to clean up :O

I will return to blogger land after our holidays to Queensland when I will have some pics to post here - until then, hope everyone has safe school holidays (in Australia) and keeps safe and happy! Cheers, Val xoxo

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is my favourite one - OWLS!!!

...ooohh I love this bracelet - the cabochons look great and the images of the owls are so sharp and crystal clear...just had to share - hugz Val xoxo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Mother & Child" little owls painting...

...hello all you lovely talented ladies! Hope you are all well!

Yesterday was an unseasonably hot day, it reached 30C and today it is only 17C - but that is Melbourne - totally shocking unpredictable weather - so I spent the balmy hot day painting while the kids ran around the backyard in their summer clothes - today, we are all indoors with the heating going LOL!

School holidays start mid next week and this little painting shows a mommy owl spending time with her little chick! That will be me over the next two weeks, spending time with my two kids, movies, play dates, shopping, toys, playing and relaxing!

This painting is done on a canvas stretched over a wooden frame - 25cm x 30cm - it is done in so many layers - heaps of tissue paper glued over the entire painting, then painted again, with colours coming trough the various layers - I love the way it looks as it is very textured and I made a downright mess on my kitchen table creating it. Lots of gold filigree paint emphasised the wings of the owls and the flowers, as well as the log they are standing on - I think it is finished - I think all I need to do now is layer it in varnish, but I may decide to add more things to it tomorrow - remains to be seen.

I look forward to turning this painting into a little wearable art pendant - the colours should come through nicely I believe.

Anyway, must run now, Master 10 has a play date today, while Miss 7 will want to spend some "mother/daughter" time with me, don't know what she has planned, but it should be fun.

Cheers all, Val xoxoxoxo

Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Award received...

...Premio Meme Award from the lovely Michelle of - thank you Michelle!!! Michelle makes some beautiful one of a kind jewellery - I would know her jewellery anywhere - please take a look at her wonders!

Okay so I need to name 7 things you might not know about me, and then give the award to 7 people:

1. I am a very easy going person;
2. My husband and kids are the most important people in my life!
3. My best relaxation is painting;
4 At times I can obsess about things - hence my madness into jewellery - but I know it wont last LOL;
5. I am a loving mom to my kiddies, but also strict at times - I have found a good balance!
6. Even though I am an easy going person - watch out if you have wronged me;
7. I absolutely love Chinese food - my favourite takeaway :D

Well there we have it - 7 things you did not know about me :D

Now, for the 7 people to receive this award - here goes, I will choose the newbies to my follow list:-

DeShawn Marie at - gorgeous soaps,
Cindy at - lovely jewellery,
Kelly at - gorgeous paintings,
Juliet at - sweet card creations,
Kristen at - her trees are gorgeous :D,
Flor at - love everything this lady paints,
Melissa at beautiful whimsical paintings

There we go - done it - phew lol - enjoy your weekend everyone and I will chat to you soon :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Me again...

...two new designs added to my Zibbet store ...well that's it for a while - I have so many pieces, enough for a while, so I plan to get back to painting after my month long break.

Once again, it seems that I follow no blogs, the list has disappeared again and I have to wait until Blogger "GETS ITS ACT TOGETHER" before I can browse all the new posts :( - must say I am getting so ANGRY with this shocking site!!!!

Til next time, cheers Val xoxo

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Necklaces - LOVE THEM :D

...well, some of the supplies finally arrived, so these are my new designs and I love them (even if I have to say so myself) - hope you do too :D

For more pictures and designs please visit my Zibbet Shop

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frosted "Vintage Rose"

...this one gave me so many blisters :D - just finished it this evening - now I am out of supplies so no more jewellery until the packages arrive from the USA...