Friday, March 27, 2009

"A Perfect Rose" SOLD
20cm x 25 acrylic painting

This is one of my latest paintings -totally different from the norm, for me, I wanted to try painting on a much smaller scale and this canvas is small compared to the ones I usually "splash" paint on - and of course, I could not 'not' put lots of gold texture on this painting - its an absolute must.

"Orange Choc Dragonfly"
60cm x 60cm acrylic painting

A close up photo showing some textured detail on painting

This is another painting I have hanging in my home - also painted with only a few colours used (white, shades of brown, gold) and the design of the dragonfly has been changed. I am constantly trying new things, new shapes and designs, and if the painting works for me, then I will do other variations of it in different colours. Everything I paint comes from my imagination - basically, the way I imagine the painting in my mind, that is what I paint from. Once again, I have used texture to emphasise the dragonfly's body as well as the wings, a must for my paintings.
75cm x 100cm acrylic painting

Close up showing detail

This painting is one which I did for my own home, proudly displayed in my hallway - it is done in colours which match my home - mostly dark wood and creams and greens. Yet again, there is a lot of texture on this painting (perhaps hard to see from photo) - hope you like this one, cheers, Val
"Creams & White" SOLD
40cm x 50cm acrylic painting

This painting was completed a few months ago and is sold - I tried to use only three colours (and all the shades in between) for this painting and textured the background as much as possible - I suppose I must see texture before any of my paintings are complete.
The lady that bought this painting was very happy with it and has since purchased another two paintings from me - I am honoured that my paintings decorate her house and that her friends and family are also able to see my artwork - it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, that's for sure - I am always happy to paint something that other people also find beautiful to look at.
50cm x 60cm - acrylic paints used
"Signature Dragonfly" SOLD
60cm x 60cm acrylic painting

Close up showing detail

Cracking medium and texture used to emphasise certain aspects of the painting (I am in love with texture lol). This particular painting was a commissioned artwork and is SOLD.

I really enjoy painting dragonflies and majority of my paintings feature a dragonfly - this is the overall design I have decided to stay with after months of experimenting - I have decided that this is "my dragonfly" - unique to me, hence the title.