Thursday, July 30, 2009

GIVEAWAY time...

OK, time for another giveaway - this time, the prize is one of my wearable art pendants of your choice. If I draw you name out of a hat, you can go to my Etsy store and pick your own fave pendant.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and for two entries paste this giveaway onto your blog (then just come back and let me know you have done so)!

I will pick out a name in approximately two weeks and the winner can be anyone, from any part of the world, I will post internationally.

Cheers and good luck to all, hugz Val xoxo

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another week gone...

Hello Bloggerville - another week has just snuck by, the kids just get bigger and we just keep getting older - that's life. I don't know where these days are going, every day is the same as the last, is it just me?
Ebay has come to a screeching stop with sales once again, no sales in days, yet the fees just keep rising. Once again, I am in the process of re listing all my pendants and artwork on etsy - I am doing lots of things on the computer, but no new paintings yet.
My camera is not the best (it has no macro setting) and my pictures of the pendants are poor (I think) - so I decided to use an article from my second art exhibition of last year as the backdrop for my pendants by way of dressing up my listings - I hope these look ok and more eye-catching.
I need to get back on etsy and do promoting as well as facebook and twitter, but there are days where I don't even turn the computer on which is not good.
Anyway, I hope all of you are having a better time of it and are creating lots of lovely artwork. Chat soon, cheers Val

Friday, July 24, 2009

No Getaway after all...

Well, the getaway is cancelled as work commitments have cropped up - a bit disappointing, but there is always next weekend, and the weekend after...

My paintings are back on in etsy as I have had an enquiry about my original paintings, so I thought I would re list them on etsy rather than eBay due to listing fees being much higher on eBay. Yes, is all a bit confusing, and no doubt I am confusing myself too lol, but I will manage.

Cheers all, Val xoxo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting away this weekend...

Good morning Blogger-ville! It's a bright sunny morning in Melbourne, but very very chilly - well, I suppose it is winter.
My family and I will be getting away this weekend to Ocean Grove, a lovely little town on the beach which is about an hours drive from our place - we often getaway to this place when we have time and spend our time relaxing in front of a fire in the cute little beach side cottages. I am looking forwards to it much much much!
Just to update you on my selling sites experiment - eBay is on fire for me at the moment - I have sold a dozen or so pendants and 3 paintings in the last two weeks which is always wonderful - I have decided to remove all my listings from zibbet and etsy but the shops are still there and I will be relisting on those sites in the future. For the time being, they are a waste of time for me and I plan to concentrate on eBay.
On another bright note, I have finished my GST accounting paperwork (you will remember that I hate this) and now I am free for the next few months. I plan to return to my artwork in the next few weeks and will be posting my new creations as soon as they are done!
Have a great weekend to all and happy creating - chat soon, greetings from Val xoxo
PS I plan to have my second giveaway shortly with one of my pendants as the giveaway prize - keep an eye out for it :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Bloggers...

...I hope everyone is having a great day - I know I am feeling better and happier - yesterdays rant was something which I had to do I think, to clear my mind - the lovely Belinda Ross said something to that effect, "venting helps" and sure has helped me.

Please visit Marsha at who is starting a campaign against copy-cats and has some great ideas - I also need to go there and show my support and will do so after I post this.

So far, my friends haven't been able to find the copied owl pendants and supply me with a link - thank you ladies for trying - most likely the culprit has deleted that listing and my mission was a success. I personally spent a few hours on etsy yesterday searching "owl pendants" pages and pages of beautiful owl pendants, but none that looked like in a way that is a blessing too.

I think there is something all of us on Bloggers can do to prevent copy-cats - I plan to put watermarks over all my painting pictures posted here - Michelle suggested this and its a great idea!!! Also, we are all familiar with each others artwork so the moment we come across a painting that looks too similar to someone elses, we should automatically copy the link and send it to the person whose artwork we think is being copied - that way that person can have a look and make a decision herself whether or not she will pursue it.

In a funny twist of fate - the owl painting in question "Dancing Owl" sold on eBay for me yesterday and I had to laugh - in a funny sad way, I am very happy to have sold this painting, the one that has started all this mess!

For now lovely ladies, that's it for me, I will return to painting in a few weeks time and will continue with all my friendships here on blogger - all the best to everyone, cheers Val

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have had enough!

Well, what an interesting turn of events the last 24 hours have wrought since my post about having my artwork copied!

I am no longer upset - at the moment I am furious!

Since yesterday's post, I have had a number of friends who are all on Blogger and Twitter get in touch with me via email to let me know of a few etsy listings with 'owl' pendants which have turned up on etsy 48 hours after my owl painting post here on blogger. The owl painting wasn't even the one I was referring to in my yesterdays post, this is another painting! At the time, they remember thinking that it may have been my pendants for sale, until they realised it was someone else selling copies of my designs. I obviously do not follow these 'parasites' therefore I would not know what listings they have on etsy - these firends have told me they would try and find the listings and provide me with links, and I plan to get in touch with etsy and demand that these listings be removed.

There is a very bid difference between people who admire and are influenced by my artwork and those pretend artists who do not have any of their own ideas but are copying other peoples' work and are profiting from it!!!

I always try to be the 'nice' person and let things slide but in my current state of mind I do not give a "flying rat's ass" what people will think of this post - just be warned that if my artwork is being copied, yours may be too, unfortunately.

I have decided to put all my paints and canvases away for a few months and give my 'unique' original artwork a break as my heart has gone out of painting due to this nightmare! In the future I do not plan to post paintings on blogger, that's if I don't decide to just delete my blogger account permanently. I do apologies to my many followers and lovely friends that I have met on Blogger for this post, but I want you to know that I do not blame you for a few losers that are following me.

Wishing you all the very best and lots of creative time - Val

PS I have decided to remove all posts which feature my artwork, for now anyway, even that little rebellion makes me feel better :(

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My experiment with selling sites...

Well, its been a funny few weeks for me with regard to the three selling sites I am using for selling my artwork and jewellery...Etsy and Zibbet are still 'dead' as far as sales are concerned - eBay is the only one making sales for me, as it has been doing for the last 2 years approximately - I have sold two original paintings and 5 pendants in the last 7 days on eBay which makes me very happy, but also frustrated as eBay is so very very expensive!!!

The results: I will most likely have to close the etsy and zibbet shops and just concentrate on eBay and keep paying the high listing fees and commissions that come with all my sales. They go hand in hand!!!

I am also feeling a bit upset and frustrated this morning as I have come accross something on Blogger that looks too similar to my kind of art and composition - I have decided to ignore it and put it out of my mind as there really is nothing I can do about it, and that is the frustrating part :(

Overall, not a very happy week for me - Val xoxoxo

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lovely Blog Award received...

This is an award which has been bounced back to me by my lovely Twitter friend, buddy, pal Brenda at - THANK YOU Brenda.
Brenda and I have become great friends and chat to each other on a daily basis - we moan and groan about the world and always prop each other up in our numerous emails - thanks for your friendship!!!!
Please check out Brenda's blog and feast your eyes on some lovely Gothic/romantic/feminine jewellery which Brendan makes - I love her jewellery and am waiting on receiving a custom made bracelet from her in the next few weeks. Lets show Brenda some Blogger love!
Cheers Val xoxo

Monday, July 13, 2009

'Wearable Art' miniture pendant...

This little original acrylic painting is done on a tiny 3.3cm square of canvas and then placed into the pewter tray, finished off with a thin layer of Diamond Glaze - and yes, it was very hard to paint, too small for my liking, but fun nevertheless!
You can find this cute necklace in my new Zibbet shop

Finally back painting, at last...

well, I finally had an afternoon free today - first day back to school for the kids so I painted this little "dancing owl" in acrylics only, with lots of gold texture once again - it is only a small painting (25cm x 30cm) so I finished it pretty quick. What do you think?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SALE on eBay - 4 paintings listed

Hi Ladies, I still have no time to paint but, in the meantime, I have decided to sell some of my paintings as I am running out of storage space lol - so...I have listed these 4 paintings on eBay (still the best selling site for Aussies) starting price $19.95 - at this stage I would just be glad to recoup the money spent on materials - so someone out there will be able to pick up a real BARGAIN.
Happy Shopping, cheers Val
PS as Blogger is not allowing me to copy and paste any links at the moment (???) if you are interested in having a look at these paintings just search my eBay user name 2005valz and you will be able to see these paintings listed, thanks

Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Unbelievable Giveaway...

The very talented Sherry is having an amazing giveaway on her blog - please visit this link and enter this unbelievable giveaway with a chance to win one of three amazing artworks!!!

Good luck to me! :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Selling Site for Aussies...

Hi Bloggers, me again - well I am pretty excited at the moment as a new website for selling your artwork and creations has just opened up a few months ago, and it is actually Australian based, which is excellent!!!
I am in the process of listing my new shop on Zibbet and these cute glass tile pendants are some of the items I am listing - please visit my new shop at and take a look around!
I plan to take part in a little experiment and see which site performs the best for me - once I know where the best sales are, I will be closing the other two web shops down - until then, all three are running which will be so very confusing!
I haven't painted in a few weeks now and wont be for a few more but when I get back to painting as soon as I can my next little project will be OWLS - people in Australia have gone Owl mad :D - hugz Val

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another giveaway gift has arrived...

Isn't this gift just darling - I received it today in the post and just love these two cups and saucers!

Thank you so much to Karen at for letting me be one of the winners on her giveaway - please visit her lovely 'drafonly' shop! Hugz to you Karen!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

For all youTwilight Fans out there...

Well, isn't this just so cute - I have already had an order from a good friend who wants me to make two of these pendants for her daughters, but one is Team Edward, and the other Team Jacob! No doubt, these would make great pressies for teenage girls who have gone Twilight mad (lol I am not a teenager, but I must admit I am also Twilight mad).

This Twilight pendant (as well as a few others) are listed on eBay!

Otherwise, I am still spending lots of time with my kids for the school holidays and life is fun, as it should be.

Cheers all, hugz Val xoxox

Friday, July 3, 2009

Good and Bad...

I love the way these two pendants have turned out - the black border goes so well with the silk twist cord - just had to share these photos with you!

But now to the bad, it looks like Blogger is not doing its job for me, at least - even though I am following many people here, I am not seeing new posts from many of these Bloggers - now I will have to go into everyones blog and add their Blogger address manually to my follow list - will take forever to do, but I have to do it - I am so sorry if it seems that I never come to your blog and say hello and leave a comment - once I fix this problem up, I will be able to see your lovely new posts and then make my way over to say hello!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Soap Gifts have arrived...

...and aren't they juts beautiful! Can's wait until I use them - the scents are divine even through the cellophane! Thank you Erin at for making me the winner of this great giveaway!!!

I have also been making some more pewter pendants from images of my artwork! I like the round ones the most I think, they look so sweet!
Cheers Bloggers, chat soon, Val xoxoxox

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New .99 cent eBay listing...

Hello ladies, just wanted to let you all know I have listed this painting on eBay for .99 cents (bit scary LOL) but hey, I like to live dangerously! Hope you like it - chat soon, Val xoxo